Product Information

The Ultimate in Outboard Motor Safety

The LEASH is a patented product designed and engineered to reduce the risk of an outboard motor flipping into the cockpit in the event of an underwater strike with a submerged object.

The LEASH is to an outboard motor what a seat belt is to you. Nationally the waterways are becoming increasingly crowded with boaters of every skill level. Underwater obstacles are hazardous, unfortunately, this will put boaters lives at risk.

Every LEASH is hand made with Vectran, one of the strongest liquid spun fibers in the world, 5 times stronger than steel. The LEASH is compatible with all outboard motor manufacturers.

5x stronger than steel
The Leash is Nascar Certified
the leash is made in the usa

Install The LEASH in Just Minutes

The LEASH consists of just 2 tethers, 2 bolts, and 2 nuts,  making installation quick and easy.  Don’t believe us?  Watch the video!

The Pros Run With The LEASH

When it comes to their own safety and the safety of their loved ones, the Pros know to never take anything for granted when you’re out on the water.  That’s why they always Run With The LEASH!