Ocean Boat Safety

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Ocean Boat Safety

Practice Good Ocean Boat Safety and Keep Your Family and Friends Safe.

When taking a small outboard motor boat out on the ocean, always practice ocean boat safety. Ocean boat safety requires the operator to be experienced in small boat handling. Ocean boat safety also requires the operator to be knowledgeable and meticulous about the maintenance of his vessel.

Small Boats such as Outboards are less sea worthy than larger boats. One important reason is the wave size relative to boat size. A common summer condition along the Atlantic coastline is a two-foot chop. The average 22-24’ boat is vulnerable to this size wave by virtue of its size. The two-foot wave is no threat to a 30-foot inboard boat but can be a serious threat to an outboard motor boat under certain conditions. Small boats need to have good bilge pumps and strong batteries for ocean boat safety.

Ocean Boat Safety to Help Keep Water Out

Another ocean boat safety tip for small outboard boats is to not stop with the stern to the seas. You do not want large waves crashing over the transom and filling up the cockpit. If the stern tends to swing around upwind when you are drift fishing. Use a sea anchor to keep the bow into the waves for ocean boat safety.

Check Systems for Ocean Boat Safety

For ocean boat safety always keep your small outboard motor boat maintained. Check bilge pump wiring and float switches and make sure everything is in operating condition before heading out to sea. Check systems over carefully for ocean boat safety. The violent motion of boats rocking and rolling at sea causes a strain on the system and they tend to break down.

Ocean Boat Safety Requires Life Jackets

Always keep life-saving devices readily available for ocean boat safety. Have all life jackets out where they can be grabbed quickly in an emergency. People drown because they are unable to get to the life jackets in time.

Ocean Boat Safety for Outboard Motors

Have the outboard motor securely attached with The Leash for ocean boat safety. Deadly accidents can occur if the outboard motor is not secure and goes into the boat.

Other Ocean Boat Safety rules are:

  • For Ocean Boat Safety be aware of the weather.
  • For Ocean Boat Safety follow a Pre-Departure Checklist.
  • For Ocean Boat Safety Use Common Sense – stay at safe speed, stay alerted, steer clear of large watercraft, be respectful of buoys
  • For Ocean Boat Safety Designate an Assistant Skipper – someone needs to be familiar with your boat’s handling & operation in case of emergency
  • For Ocean Boat Safety Develop a Float Plan – let someone know your float plan before setting off
  • For Ocean Boat Safety Avoid Alcohol – Alcohol effects are exacerbated by the sun and the wind
  • For Ocean Boat Safety Learn to Swim
  • For Ocean Boat Safety take a Boating Course
  • For Ocean Boat Safety have a Free Vessel Safety Check – See the U.S. Coast Guard
Have the Outboard Motor Securely Attached with The Leash.

Use The Leash for Ocean Boat Safety

The Leash offers ocean boat safety with a tether that is hand-made with Vectran, one of the strongest liquid spun fibers in the world. Vectran is 5x’s stronger than steel. The Leash safely secures your outboard motor for taking your boat out into the sea. The Leash is designed to lessen the likelihood of your outboard motor from coming loose and flying into the boat or dropping to the bottom of the sea.

Practice Good Ocean Boat Safety and keep your family and friend safe. Use the Leash for ocean boat safety!

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