Boat Safety

2017 Boat Safety Checklist from The Leash

2017 Boat Safety Checklist

Learn More about The Leash for Boat Safety The US Coast Guard reported 4,062 recreational boating accidents in which 626 lives were lost and 2,620 were injured.  There were many different causes for these boating accidents but many could have been avoided by following a 2017 Boat Safety Checklist. Following a 2017 Boat Safety Checklist will make sure nothing is forgotten. You can make more than one Boat Safety Checklist to follow.  Have a boat safety checklist for getting underway, a [...]

Practice Good Ocean Boat Safety and Keep Your Family and Friends Safe.

Ocean Boat Safety

Learn More about The Leash for Ocean Boat Safety When taking a small outboard motor boat out on the ocean, always practice ocean boat safety. Ocean boat safety requires the operator to be experienced in small boat handling. Ocean boat safety also requires the operator to be knowledgeable and meticulous about the maintenance of his vessel. Small Boats such as Outboards are less sea worthy than larger boats. One important reason is the wave size relative to boat size. A common [...]

Don't let your fun day at the lake be ruined by not following pontoon boat safety.

Pontoon Boat Safety

Learn More about The Leash for Pontoon Boat Safety Practice Pontoon Boat Safety for a Fun Time at the Lake Pontoon boat safety should be your top priority. By practicing good pontoon boat safety, everyone onboard is risk-free and will be able to enjoy their time on the water. For pontoon boat safety there should be as many life jackets as the number of passengers and crew. 80% of boating accident deaths have been due to drowning. This is a very [...]

Boat engine safety or boat outboard motor safety shouldn't be taken for granted.

Boat Outboard Motor Safety

Learn More About The Leash for Outboard Motor Safety Have Fun on The Water With Boat Outboard Motor Safety Boat outboard motors are a popular motorized method of propelling small watercraft. Outboard motors are self-contained propulsion systems. Boat engine safety or boat outboard motor safety shouldn’t be taken for granted. Defects can develop. Prior to each outing, doing a quick check will ensure boat engine safety and boat outboard motor safety. Boat outboard motor safety requires that motors should not start if in [...]