Hold Your Horses with The Leash Revolutionizes Boat Safety

The LEASH is a patented marine product designed and engineered to reduce the risk of an outboard motor flipping into the cockpit in the event of an underwater strike with a submerged object.

The Ultimate in Outboard motor safety. The LEASH is to an outboard motor what a seat belt is to a car.  It’s 5x stronger than steel, installs in just minutes, and is compatible with all outboard motor manufacturers.  When it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, why would you take a chance?  Why would you run without The LEASH?

Outboard motors can flip into the boat when striking a submerged or floating object. The Leash protects you from this boating catastrophe.

Danger Lies Hidden

You can’t avoid what you can’t see.  This is what makes hidden, submerged objects like rocks and old tree stumps so scary.  When your outboard motor strikes a submerged object, the possibility exists of your outboard motor jettisoning into the cockpit putting the lives of you and your passengers at risk.  The LEASH reduces the risk of this happening.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

5x stronger than steel
The Leash is Nascar Certified
the leash is made in the usa